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By | January 4, 2021

Located in Ha Hiep handicraft village, Lien Hiep commune, Phuc Tho district – Hanoi, TAM TIN THANH wooden factory has a team of skilled craftsmen who have been trained intensively since childhood. With an area of more than 1,000 square meters as well as processing machinery and equipment, Tam Tin Thanh Wood Workshop affirms that it will bring to customers the best products in quality, according to aesthetic requirements and competitive prices.

In today’s life, the need to live in beautiful, high-class houses with comfortable space is no longer a difficult “dream” to fulfill. In the past, when the economy was still difficult, just wanting to have a home was definitely enough. But today, when the need to live increases, do you want to be in a house that is not only comfortable but also beautiful, luxurious and cozy. That will be fulfilled when you invest in furniture, home finishing works and that leads you to the furniture processing factories.

Coming to Tam TIN THANH Wood Workshop, customers will be consulted and designed for free before you choose to process the interior finishing items of your house.

Despite the same flow of development in the field of furniture construction, but Tam Tam Tin THANH Wood Workshop has chosen a separate path, different from quality products and perfect services, confirms the belief of when customers have “chosen to send gold”. Providing customers not only with large modern projects, beautiful houses … but Tam Tam TIN THANH Wood Workshop also takes care of the small details in customers’ living space with quality household products. Quality: stove, cooker, bowls, pots, pans, pots, pans … and high-end furniture products such as Salon, Sofa, church cabinet … with the desire to bring customers a comfortable life to When coming to TAM TIN THANH Wood Workshop, customers will have a perfect and true house – Class.

Not a pioneer workshop in the field of construction and interior design, but Tam TIN THANH Wood Workshop has become a reputable Workshop that many difficult customers find and choose.

To achieve this success, TAM TIN THANH Furniture Workshop always mind “Get the Mind and the Prestige to achieve Success”

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Address: Ha Hiep, Lien Hiep commune, Phuc Tho H. – HN
Tel: 024 2023 6622 – Fax: (024) 3200 1693
Operator: 0932 18 02 81 – Hotline: 0963 18 66 99
Email: tanvien.kd@gmail.com