Garden Design

By | January 4, 2021

Garden design
Green space is especially important in civilized life in general and in modern architecture in particular, creating green spaces in your house will help you have a comfortable living environment. So how do we get those green spaces? The answer is that you should take a land fund in your house (if the size of your parcel allows) to design your garden to bring nature into your home.

*** Garden design unit price reference:
<100 m2: direct quotation
100 – 200 m2: 60,000 VND / m2
200 – 500 m2: 50,000 VND / m2
500 – 1000 m2: 40,000 VND / m2
1000 – 2000 m2: 35,000 VND / m2

2000 m2: 30,000 VND / m2


  1. Survey design tasks:

Garden design – Surveying the current site status, work location, construction conditions, size, area required to design garden

  • Measuring, taking photos, tracing soil and water samples (if necessary).
  • Survey, collect necessary data: general architecture of the house and surrounding general architecture, underground systems (if any), sun direction, wind direction, ability to get light for the garden during the day ; terrain, ability to circulate and operate motor vehicles for construction, …
  • Survey “taste” of customers’ aesthetics.

*** Time to do the survey:

  • TANVIENDesign Design Workshop will contact the customer immediately upon receiving the information, then make an appointment according to the agreed schedule between the customer.
  • For projects in Hanoi, TANVIENDesign Design Workshop will come to survey within 24 hours after receiving contact from customers. For remote projects, the survey time is from 1 to 3 days.
    Garden design
  1. Quotation, agree on design consultancy contract:
  • Design quotation for customers (based on surveyed preliminary data)
  • The two parties agree and agree on the working method
  • Sign design contract
  1. Realizing the design concept:

After working with the owner and thoroughly surveying the premises. TANVIENDesign Design Workshop will choose the best solution to implement detailed design ideas.

  • Drawing up the 2D plan design
  • Make 3D drawings so that customers can more easily visualize their garden after construction.
    Design Villa
    *** Execution time:
  • Garden area under 500m2: design time from 3-5 days
  • Garden area from 500m2 – 1000m2: design time 5-7 days
  • Garden area over 1000m2: design time 7 – 10 days
  • Submit preliminary garden design to client and retouch
  • After the preliminary design is completed, the garden perspective and the demonstration will be sent directly to the customer.
  • If the customer agrees with this design, the TANVIENDesign Design Workshop will complete the detailed drawings and return the garden design file.
  • After the process of explanation and discussion, if both parties agree to revise the design to be more suitable, the plan will be revised until it is completed and moved to the next step.

Garden design
*** The garden design file includes:

  • Drawings of the overall ground plan for garden landscape layout.
  • Overall 3D drawing, 3D drawing at different angles.
  • Technical drawings (construction drawings) including landscape vertical section, electricity and water layout drawings, drawing of garden lighting system, drawing of irrigation system.
  1. Complete profile:
  • Handing over complete design documents (signed by both sides).
  • The two parties signed the contract liquidation.
  • Copyright supervision (if both parties agree to the contract)